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Applied Plant Reserch International Network


Committee for the Purpose of Control And Supervision of Experiments on Animals


Authorized by MP Pollution Control Board

GLP (MAP certification)

For - Provision of Bioassay, Toxicological Study and Genotoxicty Services



PBRI, established in 2009, provides states-of-the-art research and training facilities for drug discovery and toxicology. We are well known among our collaborators for providing innovation and analytics with quality and efficacy.

Researchers at PBRI are engaged in providing answers for fundamental life science questions related to hurdles in drug discovery. PBRI is a well equipped laboratory for Biotechnology, Microbiology, Immunology, Biochemistry, Phytochemistry, Pharmacology, Toxicology and Drug Design.

We explore, innovate, analyze and establish.

Our Mission & Vision

To provide a platform for academic researchers to explore current trends in industrial research.

To be reliable with no quality glitches, timeline adherent and always available with something new.

PBRI has launched

PBRI has launched ‘Fisheries department’ as new section in its research facilities. This facility will be involved in:

  • Toxicology in fish
  • Behavioral analysis in fish
  • Neurological studies in fish
  • Pathogenesis in fish
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